Weather Geek Tools

1. — global satellite images

  • You can choose to view any HD satellite images globally or in a specific country
  • Forecast, Model charts, Observation, Radar & Lightning

2. — Best visualization weather map

  • Great and easy to understand visualization for wind, precipitation, cloud and etc.
  • Can select any point on the map and compare the weather forecast between 3 models; ECMWF, GFS, NEMS
  • Has iOS app and customizable notification

3. Meteoblue — Free Multimodel Report

  • This is the only one website that give you multi forecasting model graphs globally for free
  • It will suggest you to see multimodel report if the reliability is low

4. — 3D earth wind map

5. U.S. Naval Research Laboratory — Tropical Cyclone tracking

6. Japan Himawari satellite

7. — Combine radar images from each country into world precipitation map

  • Animated precipitation map, easy to understand
  • Support 78 countries, update every 5-10 minutes
  • Has free application with ads and rain notification features

8. Digital Typhoon - Japan Typhoon Images and Information

  • Typhoon information and historical database
  • Himawari satellite images
  • AMeDAS data and statistical data

9. Meteomanz - Global SYNOP station, GFS, ECMWF Forecast

  • Historical global weather observation data from SYNOP station
  • GFS / ECMWF Forecast 8 days, 6 hours interval (no historical data)

10. [USA] Penn State Forecasters e-Wall — An electronic map wall with access to pertinent weather data.

11. CHRS Data Portal — Global Precipitation Estimation from satellite

  • Uses neural network to classify/approximate cloud types and estimate amount of rainfall
  • Grid size: 4x4 km global, Time step: 1 hourly, 3 hourly, 6 hourly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly
  • Data Period: January 2003 — Present
  • Support visualization on website and data download

12. [USA] NOAA Climate Data Online — Global historical weather station data

  • GHCN (Global Historical Climatology Network)
  • Covers all WMO weather stations globally
  • Can filter data by country/city and dataset to download
  • Output format: PDF, CSV, Text
  • FTP download(.dly file type) at with readme and pdf documentation

13. [USA] NOAA SPC Mesoscale Analysis

  • Radar, Satellite observation
  • Many atmospheric data options overlay on the map

14. Weather Spark

  • Global weather data visulization
  • Both present and historical data from weather station and airports (METAR)
  • Multiple features: temperature, precip, cloud cover, wind, pressure, etc.

15. Climate Reanalyzer by University of Maine



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